Krishnamayya Project Report

With the blessings of Bhagavan Sri.Satya Sai Baba garu With The blessings of Sadguru.Sivanada Murthy garu.

Krishnamayya Project Report(Regd)


I Propose to instal a Project namely` Krishnamayya project that shall enable me to propagate in India and other parts of the world the life,literature,music ,philosophy and spiritualism of Sri Kantha Krishnamacharyulu alias Krishnamayya as it relates to the lord Sri.Varaha Lakshmi narasimha Swamy ofSimhachalam.
Simhachalam devasthanam was adorned by a saint composer/ poet bard Kanta Krishnamcharyulu in ancient times .He lived in the12 th-13th century during the reign of King Pratapa Rudra of Kakatiya samrajyam . According to the history(Pratapa Rudra Charitra and Siddheswara Charitra) Sri.Krishnamacharya was the first vaggeyakara of the South India and also he is the Sangeeta Pitamaha of the South India.He established a tradition which was later followed by a number of composers and poets like Annamacharya, peda Tirumalacharya,Potana etc.
                                                   He was one of the most ardent devotees of Lord Sri.Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy,a precursor of all the saint composers to the South i.e Purandaradasa,Annamayya etc.and in a similar way devotee to the Lord.
                    He composed nearly four lac verses which are called ~Simhagiri Vachanamalu’ in honour of Lord.Sri.Varaha Lakshmi Swamy varu of which only 200 remain.But unfortunately he has gone un noticed by historians and chroniclers. He exposed the truths of Vedas, Sruti,Smruti, sastrasPuranas and Itihasas in a simple and appealing language.krishnamayya made his songs, the means of communicating his deep feelings and the varying moods of a devotee and a spiritual aspirant one who went poignant experiences in life. All this calls an amount of effective expression which is not possible for one who is not endowed with poetic gifts.
        In order to revive his memory and also the glory of Lord Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swmy varu a project was conceptualized by Sri Vinukonda Murali Mohan S/O.Late Vinukonda Joga Rao namely` Krishnamayya project' and will be formally launched by Dr.P.Ananda Gajapathi raju garu The Heriditory Trustee of Simhachalam Temple,on 04.07.2009 in connection with ``Krishnamayya sankertana jayanti’’The objective of this project is to further the objectives of ~Krishnamayya foundation'''(Regd) started by Sadguru Siva Sri. K.Sivanada Murthy garu ,founded by by Sri.vinukonda Murali Mohan a musician and an ardent devotee of Lord Varaha Lakshmi narasimha.Swamy varu. .The Project has it`s office at C/503 ,Green valleyVisakhapatnam 530018 at the foot hills of Simhagiri ,the abode of Sri.Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy,which is very close to Simhachalam.
`Krishnamayya Project’ truly believes that Krishnamayya is the incarnation of LordVaraha lakshmi Narasimha Swamy .Krishnamayya is the mirror image of of Swamy varu and cannot exist by itself without the Lord.Sri Vraha lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.and Krishnamayya are inseperable.This belief transformed in to the name of Krishnamayya Project.

Krishnamayya project `s mission is to propagate in India and other parts of the world the life,literature,music ,philosophy and spiritualism of Krishnamayya as it relates to The lord..This is accomplished by conducting training camps, organizing study circles, arranging cultural programmes (including music recitals,dance performances,lecture demonstrations etc).and spiritual discourses.The objective of The Krishnamayya project is to plant the message of Krishnamayya at the grass root level .
The Project functions through four wings - Music, Research Publications, and Recording and publicity. Thc activities and functions of the Krishnamayya Project will be in line with the activities and functions of the Annamacharya project .

Music Wing

Providing fecilities for the younger generation to learn the compositions of Krishnamayya.

Young and talented artistes, in both vocal and instrumental music, and dance will be trained, form music and dance troupes which perform across India - in temples, music sabhas (concerts), important pilgrim centres, educational institutions, villages and other cultural organisations.

Similarly young and talented artists in music abroad will be trained and form music and dance troupes to propagate at different parts of the world through their performances.

Every year KrishnamayyJayanti,.KrishnamayyaVardhanti,Aradhana festivals and Krishnamayya Sankeertana jayanti festivals are conducted in Simahachalam.similar festivals are also conducted at the national level.and also in abroad.

The krishnamayya Project plans to introduce a two-year certificate course, in which young music artistes will be provided with intensive training in Krishnamayyacompositions. The objective of this course. to familiarize the younger generation with the Krishnamayya vangmayam.
Research & Publications Wing
On behalf of the Krishnamayya Project, research fellowships are granted to young researchers who pursue doctoral programmes on Krishnamayya's life and works.. Efforts will be made to obtain technical recognition from Andhra University to streamline research activities with a techno-academic outlook.Krishnamayya`s life and works are printed and published from time to time, according to the demand from devotees and researchers.
Recording Wing
To popularise Krishnamayya`s life and songs, audio and vedio recordings  are produced and marketed.
The songs will be recorded in the voice of artists of repute and  also in the voices of talented young artists.
The project will shoot a documentary  a film, shoot tv serials , stage plays and dance performances etc and will use all forms of audio visual arts,organise spitritual discourses,conduct lecture demonstrations,studycircles etc on the life ,literature,music and spiritual philosophy of Krishnamayya.
The Project uses print, electronic media,community radio and internet as a media to spread the message around.
Co-ordination with Other Projects
The Krishnamayya Project coordinates with similar projects in India and abroad like Annamacharya project ,Tirupati
Annamacharya project of North America,
Sri.VenkateswaraAnnamacharya Society of America etc

I hereby declare that it as an authentic record of` my own work
and I reserve  all the Copy rights throughout the world.Any use or reproduction of this work in any manner is a crime punishable under Sec .63of Copy rights Act-1957( as amended)
.V.Murali Mohan
Author of Krishnamayya Project.

This is to certify that the above declaration made by Sri.V.Murali mohan is true the best of my knowledge and belief.